Maintenance Service

In order to ensure the efficient, high-quality and long-lasting operation of your laser equipment, it is important to maintain it on time and make sure of the condition of the most important technical components.

Our company deals with the sale, maintenance and operational service of laser equipment throughout Latvia, if necessary, we make trips to the Baltics as well. We provide services such as equipment calibration, mirror adjustment, maintenance of standard main technical units, equipment diagnostics and, accordingly, defect prevention or replacement of defective parts.

We also offer training in the use of the laser device and its control program. (RdWorks, LightBurn, CorelDraw, etc.)

Price of services: 40-60 euros/hour, depending on the complexity of the work + fuel costs. You can find out the exact price for the service by calling our specialist and explaining the situation remotely, as well as by reading the price list below.

Feel free to call the indicated numbers and we will agree on the best solution for your problem!

Equipment maintenance

• Cleaning of mirrors and lenses, general assessment of the condition of the equipment
• Calibration of optical parts – adjusting the laser beam in the mirrors
• Inspection of belts, tensioning if necessary, lubrication of controls.
• Testing of the main electronic components – power supply, sensors, controller, co2 lamp.

Service services

• Replacement of spare parts
• Matching of spare parts to the order
• Re-soldering of wires
• Special orders – modification or improvement of the equipment according to the customer's design

Device diagnostics

Diagnostics - in case the source of the problem is not known, we offer to carry out diagnostics of the equipment and, finding its cause, find a solution suitable for the situation and for you. Electronic components are tested with a multimeter, controller settings and data are read. On request, we can also measure the optical beam strength of the laser lamp.

Price list:

• Standard annual maintenance 100 - 150 Euro
• Co2 lamp change 100 Euro
• Replacement of power supply unit for Co2 lamp 50 Euro
• Change of switches/sensors 20 - 60 Euro
• Table level adjustment - 30 Euro
• Calibration of optical parts – 50-130 Euro
• Finding/eliminating the source of the problem - 50 - 200 Euro
• Fuel expenses: up to 70 km from Riga – standard fuel price for the specific distance + 15 euros. 70+ kilometers away from Riga – standard fuel price + 25 euros. 200+ kilometers away from Riga - by agreement.

Request the service electronically and our specialists will contact you in the near future!

Or contact us by calling or writing - +371 22089861

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